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The Draco is a low volume, calm water canoe designed with the versatility to serve a large range of paddlers in calm to small surf conditions.



NOSE WIDTH (measured 4ʻ from nose) - 7.125”

CENTER WIDTH (measured from center of boat) - 15.75”

TAIL WIDTH (measured 4ʻ from tail) - 8.5”

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First off this is NOT a replacement for the ARES :)

We designed the Draco for calm water to small surf conditions. We've wanted to design something like this for years and with the expanding reach that Ozone has provided us at Kai Wa'a, (along with a worldwide pandemic) the timing seemed right! The stars aligned and the Draco was born.


What makes the Draco unique is that this will be the 1st canoe manufactured by Ozone that is specifically designed for calm water markets. We set out with a clear intention to better serve our customers in calm water markets and create a brand new design that would suit these needs.

As we began conceptualizing the design we noticed an increase of OC1 participation from the dragon boat community as a result of the pandemic. With that in mind we designed different features and benefits to cater to this community as well.

For more on Kai's design process when developing the Draco, see the videos below:

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