Types of Seats:

  • Long Seat (with hydration system)
  • Long Seat (without hydration system)
  • Short Seat


Kai Waʻa Seat

Canoe Make
Type of Seat
  • Please allow 3-4 weeks for custom seats to be made.  Kai personally makes each seat so we appreciate your patience on waiting on your custom seat.

  • A SHORT SEAT is shaped in order to adjust forward and back based on where you are most comfortable.  A LONG SEAT is shaped based on your specific inseam.  You will be able to move a long seat forward if someone has a shorter inseam than you but you will NOT be able to move the seat backward for paddlers with a longer inseam.  A LONG SEAT WITH HYDRATION includes a cut out area for your hydration bladder or pack it also includes bunjee across the cut out area to hold the hydration pack stable.

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