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Chattanooga ,Tennessee:

This past fall I had the opportunity to fly to Tennessee to do the Chattajack race. This race is a 31 mile course going down the river in the Tennessee River Gorge. This was a flat water race but we had a little current flowing with us so there was a little help. The course was a beautiful, and quiet surrounding with bass fishermen in their boats casting in coves in front of large ranch style homes in the country side. This year we had some chilly weather on race day, coldest they’ve had yet. At the end of our race the thermometer was settled at 42 degrees! Check out some of the epic photos from the event HERE.

Huge Mahalo to Ben and Kim Friberg for putting on such a great event. The organization of the race was top notch and, to me, it seemed the town of Chattanooga was supporting the event well. Something we don’t see often here at home, which is sad being that outrigger is a big part of our culture. The days leading up to the race the registration zone was lined with sponsor booths and paddlers of all types of craft from all over the US. Everyone bringing their own stories of experiences in their respected discipline. I was intrigued, especially with the marathon paddlers. Much respect to what they do. Did I also mention that Chattanooga has one of the most epic aquariums I've been to. We had a blast adventuring around the town.

Of course, checking out Nashville was a great experience to the trip. Kealani and I, along with our 6 moth old, played in Nashville for several days which was a great experience we had fun playing tourist. A must do if in the area!

All in all, I’d too it again!

Check out this awesome recap video from the event - who's in for next year?

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