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The Vega Flex, our most flexible surfski, provides both stability and speed for the intermediate and competitive paddler.


We took our hand shaped Vega design and made a few adjustments to create the Vega Flex for the intermediate competitive athlete.


The Kai Wa’a Vega design features are inherent in the Vega Flex, which include; A sharp entry, a bold rocker, and ample volume to keep you moving through the bumps and flat with smooth control, momentum & responsive acceleration.​



CONSTRUCTION - Ozone Built 100% Carbon Fiber Prepreg, single piece construction. Oven cured with 3x atmospheric pressure.


STRENGTH - The center of the Surfski is reinforced with triple carbon for added strength and durability.


WEIGHT - At 20-21lbs the Vega Surfski is light and maneuverable on or off the water. The Vega Pro (our lightweight elite racing model) pushes the envelope at just 17-18 lbs.

DESIGN FEATURES - The cockpit walls are a bit lower than the Vega to allow easier remounting and the seat is wider to accommodate a wider range of paddlers. The nose has a little less volume in height due to the lowered gunwales around the cockpit allowing for less resistance in cross wind. The Vega Flex has a scupper drain system underneath the hull that allows for continuous and effective draining. The adjustable foot brace steering system is connected to a spring return rudder for optimal steering.

PERFORMANCE - Our goal is simple. We want to incorporate additional stability with a performance surfski, to allow a larger variety of paddlers the experience they deserve.

Learn more about our elite surfski Vega

LENGTH: 20'6"

WIDTH: 18.25"

(measured at widest point)


VEGA FLEX - 20-21lbs

VEGA FLEX PRO ~ 18lbs.

Carbon fiber composite raw material back



light and minimal - adjustable footbrace steering system


automatic center return - creating optimal steering performance


100% carbon fiber, one piece pre-preg construction by Outrigger Zone


triple carbon reinforced center section for strength and duability

The Vega Flex comes in a variety of colors and can include graphics, if desired. We also offer the Flex in a Pro Model layup, eliminating 2-3 lbs overall weight. Please note for Pro Models the logos and cockpit can be customized, but the hull is kept free of graphics and available in brushed grey.




“I’m really excited to be a part of building a surfski that will allow more paddlers to get out on the water and enjoy what the Vega design has to offer them. The Vega Flex maintains all the important design components of the Vega with small changes to create stability and comfort in using the surfski.


Current Vega users have had great fun out on the water and have been really happy with the performance of the Vega.. Now that we have an intermediate competitive ski, I’m stoked more people will get to have the feeling!”

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