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Ares OC1 logo

Our new model is a smaller version of the Antares.  We call her the "Ares".  The Ares is cut down in size, and slightly modified in the nose and mid section.  Our popular seat and foot well position remains the same to achieve maximum comfort.  Our goal with the Ares was to create a smaller design that could run well in all conditions.  Upwind, downwind, and flat water.  We made a couple of modifications along the way while going through the prototype phase to finished product.  As a result we feel the Ares is our best design yet.

In the surf, the Ares is effortless with full control, which is hard to find in smaller designs.  The upwind paddling is smooth and consistent, with easy acceleration in the flat sections.  The flat water gets entertaining when surges of ground swell, or residual of back wash, catch the hull and take you for an unexpected glide.


We are excited of our gains with the Ares and proudly stand behind our product.  We won't sell you ice in Alaska or sand in Hawaii.  You be the judge.  Take the Ares out for a spin and let what you feel be your deciding factor.


safety system


bungee in place to keep rudder in position

drain plug of OC1


enhanced drainage

with new design

OC1 footwell


lower footwells for an ergonomic seating position

Canoe Rudder


same Kai Wa'a rudder design popular among all canoes

Bunjee on a canoe


forward and aft

storage for paddler

Kai Bartlett on Ares OC1
pencil and ruler icon


NOSE WIDTH: 8.375"

(measured 4' from nose)


(measured from center of boat)

TAIL WIDTH: 8.625"

(measured 4' from tail)

Ares OC1 logo


Pat Dolan paddling Ares OC1

"I think Kai really has something special with the Ares, it's an amazing surfing canoe but also moves in the flat."

~Pat Dolan, 2017 Molokai Solo Champion

Bobby Pratt paddling Ares OC1
Amy Woodward paddling Ares OC1

"When I sat on the Ares for the first time, I felt like I was home.  For me, it's a very comfortable canoe."

~Amy Woodward 

"Great top end speed and loose enough to change directions and hit critical angles without losing your rudder"

~ Bobby Pratt

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