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Read Kaiʻs blog on why he decided to do a rudder quiver and more details on each of the rudders he designed. 

available for the Ares OC1, Antares OC1, Gemini OC2, Vega Surfski and Vega Flex Surfski

Designed for flat water conditions.  Smaller in height and volume but designed more vertical to enable better tracking.  Allows for minimal drag without compromising control. Recommended use in 0-15 mph winds or 1 ft seas.


Flat Water Rudder.png


Designed for mid water conditions.  Slightly shorter than your standard rudder with less total volume .  Allows for less drag than the standard rudder in the flat but still has maneuverability to find optimal performance in moderate wind chop.  Recommended use in 10-20mph winds or 2-3ft seas.


available for the Ares OC1 and

Antares OC1

Mid Water Rudder.png


Designed for downwind conditions.  Deeper and slightly more vertical with less volume in the trailing end.  Allows for enhanced tracking (holding your line) when running at higher speeds.  Recommended use in 25mph plus winds or seas over 4ft.

available for the Ares OC1, Antares OC1 and Gemini OC2

Gale Force Rudder.png
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