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Kai wa'a logo in black
3.0 OC-1AMA

Introducing the Kai Wa'a 3.0 Ama - our best yet!

We are excited to offer this to new and existing Kai Wa'a customers alike.

We have had great success with our 2nd generation Kai Wa’a ama (2.0) on the Ares but knew we

wanted more all around performance from our OC1 ama.

With the recent design and development of our OC6 ama, the Kai Wa’a Lele, we were inspired to take these same ideas and see how they could transform an OC1 ama. Watching how well the Lele performed during testing led us back into the shop and the Kai Wa’a 3.0 Ama was born.


Starting with our 2.0 Ama as a blueprint:


  • We lessened the volume in the width of nose width to create a more narrow entry, allowing the ama to cut through the water more efficiently. 

  • We also added a hair more height to the nose to cut down on the pearl into the bump, performing better than our 2.0 Ama and other amas on the market.

  • We took another look at the tail, lengthening the release to create cleaner movement with each stroke, reducing drag. 

  • We then made some adjustments to the overall volume to better balance the ama on the water, creating supreme maneuverability for the paddler.


Overall our new 3.0 ama makes for a cleaner, more efficient run through the water, with the little bit of added volume allowing freedom in maneuverability.

kai wa'a team rider on draco oc1
3.0 OC1 Ama schematic

Details: When ordering a spare ama please specify Draco or Ares configuration. The ama design is the same, the logo placement is the only difference (the Draco logo is placed on the top of the ama to allow for left/right rigging, or double ama rigging).

3.0 OC1 Ama schematic



(measured at widest point)

3.0 OC-1AMA
Ruler and pencil graphic

*All in stock and made to order Ares and Draco models now include our 3.0 Ama*

If you'd like to purchase a spare ama for either of these models, please see below to view available inventory or place a custom order. If you are outside of Hawai'i and have questions about ordering please contact us > and we will put you in touch with your local dealer.


If you'd like to purchase a 3.0 Ama to retrofit an older model and have any questions,

please reach out!


I noticed an improvement on both surf and flat with the new ama.
The narrower and sharper front cuts through the flat water and upwind chop, keeping the ama stable and fast.


On the surf it still pops very easily and rides on top of the bumps, letting you jump over or hit angles on the swell without slowing you down.

I kept my old ama thinking I would switch between both for different conditions, but I never felt the need to come back to it. 

~Igor Sobreira, Kailua, HI

Kai Wa'a Team rider Igor Sobreira on Oahu
Kai Wa'a team rider Will Reichenstein

The 3.0 ama in the flat water has a cleaner entry and exit than the previous amas, it feels more efficient as a result and doesn't bog down during hard sprints.  It's much smoother to run and has the feeling of minimal drag. 


In the surf the ama has much better balance, its easier to predict when it will pop and is easier to control. Similar to the flat water it generally feels more efficient, I hardly notice that it's there and allows the boat to run more freely.  I run this ama on both the Draco and Ares.​

~Will Reichenstein, Costa Mesa, CA

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