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The Gemini is the first OC-2 design from Kaiwa'a.  We had this dream of having an OC-2 in our quiver for some time now and we are very excited that we are now able to offer it to you.

Our goals with the Gemini is comfort, performance, control and appearance.  We feel we have accomplished our goals.  In the flatwater she glides well and cuts through the headwind chop with ease.  In open ocean the Gemini has a lively performance into the swell and maintains great glides running with the swells (bumps).  The steering control allows you a lot of freedom with manuverability.

We took two Ares cockpits and footwells and dropped them in place plus widened the seat area to give the paddlers maximum comfort and allow the paddler the feeling of being locked in to the canoe.

The Gemini will be the first seamless OC-2 on the market.  Built with Ozone's innovative monocoque 100% carbon construction.



lower footwells, wider seats and set in cockpits similar to the ARES provides maximum comfort


bungee in place to keep rudder in position


ability for a wide range of paddlers to perform in a variety of conditions


same kaiwa'a rudder design popular among all canoes


enhanced drainage

with new design


forward and aft

storage for paddlers


built by Ozone using cutting edge techniques and methods to produce the best product possible


extensive prototyping and testing in order to ensure optimal performance



(measured from center of boat)

"It was amazing! ... The Gemini felt solid, stable and comfortable. As with all Ozone canoes we've owned, its light and well engineered. I especially appreciate the seating and foot well placement allowing a strong posture for paddling and surfing bump. The Ama placement seemed strange at first, but preformed on the bump without dragging or pearling. Always feeling stable with the weight of two people. For us, this was the first OC2 that feels like an OC1: light, rigid and responsive. We were very impressed."

~Mike & Denise Shandroff

“I had the opportunity to demo Kai Wa’a new OC2 Gemini this past Saturday on flat water and then again on a downwind run and I absolutely fell in love. The first thing I noticed was the layout and shape.. it looked very much like the Ares but made for 2 people. The cockpit was nice and comfortable, I didn’t feel cramped or feel like it was too wide or big for me. Love the lowered footwells, I was able to really plant myself in to be able to use more power in my legs. I noticed paddling both in flat and on downwind, the canoe would take off, even with little effort in my stroke. In the surf, the Gemini performed beautifully, it would drop into the wave with barely any effort and noticed that the nose did not stuff and would pop back out. This is a fast canoe! If the demos that Kai had were not already taken, I would have taken one home in a heart beat! I will definitely be putting the Gemini on my next to buy list to go along with my hubby’s Antares and my Ares!”

~Drea Park

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