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The Draco is a low volume, calm water canoe designed with the versatility to serve a large range of paddlers in calm to small surf conditions.

We've wanted to design something like this for years - with the expanding reach that Ozone has provided us at Kai Wa'a, (along with a worldwide pandemic) the timing felt right. The stars aligned and the Draco was born.

What makes the Draco unique is that this will be the 1st canoe manufactured by Ozone that is specifically designed for calm water markets. We set out with a clear intention to better serve our customers in these locations and create a brand new design to suit these needs.

As we began conceptualizing the design we also noticed an increase of OC1 participation from the dragon boat community as a result of the pandemic. With that in mind we included a few additional design features that would benefit outrigger paddlers and dragon boat paddlers alike.

We are very excited to serve this worldwide community of paddlers and feel blessed to be a part of it. We hope that the Draco can open the doors for others to join in on the fun and the lifestyle we all appreciate.



VOLUME - The Draco is 20’6” long and 15.75” wide at the seam-line but width at waterline is quite narrow and varies based on weight of the paddler. The Draco is a low volume canoe.


ROCKER - The rocker is toned down quite a bit from the Ares, with some rocker left in the hull for water release and to handle the small bumps a paddler may find on a relatively calm body of water - be it lake, river, or ocean. 

WEIGHT - The Draco's lighter weight allows for quicker pickup and sustained speed over time. The aesthetics were toned down and features kept simplified (foot plates, etc.) in order to keep Draco as light as possible. Exact weights for all models are available now that we are fully in production.

RIGGING - Something new for Kai Wa'a is the ability to rig the Draco's iakos on the left or the right side of the canoe to accommodate Dragon Boat time trials. Paddlers have the option to rig their canoe on whichever side they prefer based on paddling style and level (i.e. beginner paddler leaning more toward the ama for stability or a more agile paddler looking to lean away from the ama for better speed).


VERSATILITY & ACCESSIBILITY - Another exciting new feature is the ability to rig the Draco with a 2nd set of iakos and ama, creating a more stable experience for paddlers working on their balance, or those with health conditions or disabilities. If you have any questions about rigging your canoe with a double ama feel free to contact us!​​​




(measured 4' from nose)


(measured from center of boat)


(measured 4' from tail)

view 1.JPG
view 4.JPG
view 5.JPG
view 3.JPG


FOOTPLATE - Paddlers have the option to purchase an after market foot plate that can be attached (and removed if needed) to accommodate shorter paddlers. We wanted to design a foot plate that allows shorter paddlers to keep their weight distribution in the same area as taller paddlers but did not want to increase the weight of the canoe with a sliding foot pedal plate. This design will keep the Draco as light as possible and still serve a wide range of paddler heights.

SECOND SET OF IAKOS + AMA - Paddlers have the option to purchase a 2nd set of iakos and 2nd ama if they would like to rig amas on both sides. If you have any questions about rigging your canoe with a double ama feel free to contact us!


Nowadays we have so many different canoes and we’re always looking for the best equipment when it comes to training and racing. For me, it’s not always about how good your canoe looks or how fast it can go in any type of condition, it’s about how you ride it, how you treat your canoe and how you understand it.


After moving to an island with very different conditions than what I’m used to, I’ve struggled to find the “feeling” that I’m used to having. From what I’ve heard, this canoe was made for flat and small conditions.


But after using it just once, this canoe is a game changer in our sport. It is universal and will be one of the best in the business. I love how the nose of the canoe looks and works in the water, it’s more narrow, cutting through the bumps faster and easier.

The seat and placement is so comfortable you can really feel the energy of the ocean under your legs, allowing you to know exactly what your next move should be. This was my very first time on the DRACO and I am in love. Designed and built by Kai Bartlett, someone who knows a canoe like the back of his hand, I trust his creations.


The DRACO has allowed me to feel better in milder conditions than I have in a long time. Thank you Kai for understanding

us and creating such a universal vessel.


Thank you for all that you do for the paddling community and for always sharing your knowledge.

~Tuarongo Cowan, Kailua-Kona, HI

Tupuria King, international paddler

reviews the Draco OC1.

Kai shares his thoughts behind why he desinged the Draco OC1.

Kai shares how the constellation theme of naming canoes came to be and continues to drive the naming of all his designs including his latest design Draco OC1.  

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