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5 day OC1/OC2 Surfing Clinic with

Pailolo Crossing (Maui to Molokai)


  • Kai Bartlett and Kai Wa'a Team Riders - accomplished watermen with vast experience in open ocean.

  • Downwind surfing, stroke technique, training, nutrition, equipment - happy to customize based on points of interest.


  • Day 1+2 - Maui downwind runs
  • ​Day 3 - Escorted Pailolo (Maui to Molokai) crossing

    • Escort includes minimum 2 instructors and chase boat for safety and luggage​

    • Flemings Beach (Maui) to Kaunakakai Harbor (Molokai) - M2M course

    • Day 3 dinner is included on Molokai

    • Day 4+5 - Molokai downwind runs


  • $1,500/paddler for a group of 6 (please note your group must have all 6 for package)

    • Includes canoe rental for all 5 days (Ares, Gemini)​

      • If canoe rental is not needed just let us know and the price per paddler will be less

    • 25% deposit due when agreed upon dates are set​

      • Cancellation - free cancellation 60 days out. 

      • 10% cancellation fee if within 60 days.

    • Kai Wa'a Clinic jersey included

**Please note Accommodations are not included, but we are happy to provide recommendations if needed!

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