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AGE: 23

HOMETOWN:  Kailua-Kona, HI 

DAY TIME JOB:  Boat Captain

FAVORITE FOOD:  lasagna, chicken pesto bacon pizza

DREAM VACATION:  Indonesia, surf trip on a live aboard searching for waves and wind , paddling and surfing.

FAVORITE PADDLING RUN:  Anaehoomalu Bay to Mahaiula 20-25 ENE wind, 6am before work. 


DREAM PADDLING RUN/ADVENTURE:  Keokea to La Perouse 30mph ESE wind, no escort. Just me, my paddle, my OC1, and the ocean.


FAVORITE THING TO DO ON AN OC-1 (i.e. downwind run, surf, fish, etc.): Paddle downwind of course, fishing, trolling or jigging, think about life. 


IF YOUR NOT PADDLING YOU'RE:  Working on boats fishing on my 4man. Surfing. Sleeping. Thinking about the next time I get to paddle.

IF YOU COULD TAKE ANYONE TO DINNER (dead or alive) WHO WOULD IT BE: I would take Conner Mcgregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov to a private dinner in the back of a fancy restaurant and witness a mean scrap. And sell the footage to TMZ and make hundreds of thousands of dollars.


MUSIC OR NO MUSIC WHILE PADDLING.  IF MUSIC, WHAT KIND OF MUSIC DO YOU ENJOY ON THE OCEAN:  I only listen to music while paddling. Sometimes I forget my music to go paddle and I turn around and go back home. It's a bad habit.. I listen to upbeat music and rap. Anywhere from Waka Flocka to Steve Aioki. 


BEST PIECE OF LIFE ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED:  The best piece of advise for me is from lance Armstrong. Lance points to my Garmin (speedometer) and says " You want to go fast yah?.... yah.. ok make this thing go fast, it's as simple as that"


FAVORITE OC-1 RACE:  Definitely the Molokai Solo the number one goal for me, because is the most prestigious OC1 race in the entire world. That is why it's the OC1 world championships.

HERO IN LIFE:  The hero in my life is definitely my dad. Growing up he worked hard in everything he did to provide for us. Definitely trying to mimic his work ethic


IF YOU COULD INSTILL ONE THING IN THE NEXT GENERATION OF PADDLING WHAT WOULD IT BE:  I would like to let the next generation know to surround yourself with positive people that encourage you to be the best possible self you can be. And that if you really want it go and get it. Nothing beats hard work. 

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