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Replacement iakos are available to purchase individually or as a set. Please indicate which canoe model you have when selecting your replacement iakos.


If you have a newer, Ozone-manufactured Kai Wa'a Canoe you will need Carbon Iakos

  • Carbon Iakos ($270/set, $135/single)
  • We typically have these in stock on Maui, an estimated ship date will be listed if we are awaiting the next shipment.


If you have an older Hawai'i-manufactured Kai Wa'a Canoe you will need Aluminum Iakos

  • Aluminum Iakos ($250/set, $125/single)
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for aluminum iakos to be made as Kai personally makes each one. We appreciate your patience while you wait!



If you have any questions about which iakos to purchase, please feel free to contact us!

Replacement Iakos

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