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Designed for mid water conditions.  Slightly shorter than your standard rudder with less total volume .  Allows for less drag than the standard rudder in the flat but still has maneuverability to find optimal performance in moderate wind chop.  Recommended use in 10-20mph winds or 2-3ft seas.


Draco OC1 + Ares/Antares OC1 + Vega/Vega Flex SS


Read more about our Kai Wa'a line of rudders.


*Please note this rudder is compatible with Ozone Manufactured Canoes only - it is not compatible with Hawaii manufactured canoes. 

Kai Wa'a Mid Water Rudder


    We can customize your rudder by painting it to match your canoe color.  Indicate which color you would prefer and we will paint your rudder to match.

    If you would like this option please be sure to add color upgrade HERE.

    Please allow 2-3 weeks for colored rudders to be made.  Kai personally sprays each rudder so we appreciate your patience on waiting on your custom rudder.

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