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Committed. Ready. Enthusiastic.

  • Top 10 at Gorge 2021 Men's OC1

  • 6th at Catalina 2021 OC6

  • Duke 2022 7th overall JR crew

  • 1st at 2023 Hawaiki Nui Hayama OC6

  • 8x Molokai channel crossings


Manoa, Oahu born and raised, Seth is currently in  Kanagawa, Japan for school.

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HOMETOWN: Manoa, Hawai'i

DAY JOB: Full time student.

WHEN YOU'RE NOT PADDLING YOU'RE: Exploring the world and looking for snow.

MORNING OR EVENING PADDLE: Morning is the best way to start your day.

FAVORITE RUN: Makai pier run with Rufus at Gorge in a near second.


FAVORITE PRE-RACE MEAL: Chocolate chip pancakes and bacon.

FAVORITE HYPE SONG: Howlin' for you by the Black Keys.

DREAM PADDLING RUN/ADVENTURE: My dream adventure would be paddling the coast of the Pacific Northwest.

BEST PIECE OF ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED: Time and commitment are the best avenue of a person's growth.


YOUR ADVICE FOR THE NEXT GENERATION OF PADDLERS: Paddling is competitive but take the time to meet and make friends with everyone in our sport


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