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  • Two time Chattacjack OC1 Champion (2022, 2023)

  • Kaiwi Channel Solo

  • Koa Nui

  • Wild Buffalo Solo

  • Catalina Crossing

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Judson is as outgoing as he is tall (and he's tall!), and always happy to be a part of whatever is going on. He is usually the first person to ask if you need something or offer help, whether it's carrying gear or moving canoes. Judson was one of our first Team Riders to race on the Draco, and as back-to-back Chattajack Champion he has been killing it! 

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AGE: 20

HOMETOWN: Dana Point, CA

DAY JOB: Building outrigger canoes, working at the Wa'a House and E&R Canoes, making six-mans and 3-mans along with repairs.

WHEN YOU'RE NOT PADDLING YOU'RE: Surfing, freediving, body surfing, drawing or being with family and friends.


MORNING OR EVENING PADDLE: Paddling in the afternoons is fun! you get winds and some bump to play with but nothing to me is better than paddling in the morning while it's completely dark only to watch the sun come up with a sunrise to follow.

FAVORITE RUN: My favorite run has to be a classic Lanai run.

FAVORITE RACE: My favorite race is stuck between Kaiwi Solo and Chattajack 31. Both are so different and demand various techniques to do then I can't decide between them.

FAVORITE PRE-RACE MEAL: My favorite pre race meal is pasta with meat and maybe some greens.

FAVORITE HYPE SONG: "Stargazer" by Rainbow

DREAM PADDLING RUN/ADVENTURE: My dream run is a Kamilo Run on Molokai. In the future I also dream of racing long distances similar to the Yukon River Quest.

BEST PIECE OF ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED: The best advice I have ever received was a story of two Kukui Nut trees. At a young age one was kept in its pot while the other was planted into the ground. As time went to the tree who remained i the pot stayed the same size while the one planted in the ground grew to an enormous size! Go out and experience as much as you can, if you stay in one spot you will become stuck. Once you paddle, race and experience new cultures then you will begin to grow.

YOUR ADVICE FOR THE NEXT GENERATION OF PADDLERS: In terms of racing, always take as much advise as you can, but never forget to keep an open mind to new ideas. Enjoy the fights, battles and embrace the feeling of discomfort. But above all the most important thing, make sure you enjoy it, travel as much as you can and experience everything there can be to experience. This paddling world and culture can seem so little, once you expand and get out of your bubble you will start to see exponential growth not just as a paddler but as a person.

SPONSORS: Silverback Hawaii

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