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Helpful. Passionate. Dedicated

  • 1st Place Hawaii State OC1 Championships 2023

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Coming up through the Big Island Jr Va'a program, Nathan is a promising paddler with a bright future ahead. Coached by dad Nathan Grocholski Sr. and Charlie Becerra, Nathan is humble and passionate about paddling. We can't wait to see what he does this season!

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AGE: 17

HOMETOWN: Kailua-Kona HI 


DAY JOB:  A full-time high school student, that manages to balance studies with love for paddling and side passions in car detailing and window washing.

WHEN YOU'RE NOT PADDLING YOU'RE: I enjoy spending quality time with my family, fishing, going to the beach, and detailing cars.

MORNING OR EVENING PADDLE: My favorite time to paddle is in the morning because I find it refreshing and it’s always a great way to start my day.

FAVORITE RUN: I would have to say Maliko and Keokea would have to be my favorite.

FAVORITE RACE: My favorite race always usually a fun one is the Gorge Downwind Championships.

FAVORITE PRE-RACE MEAL: Spaghetti, to get them carbs in!

FAVORITE HYPE SONG: I like listening to is a mix of Tahitian beats and Drake's music.

DREAM PADDLING RUN/ADVENTURE: I envision racing in Tahiti or somewhere new like Japan.

BEST PIECE OF ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED: My dad always said to never give up and push yourself to the limit, as hard training pays off.


YOUR ADVICE FOR THE NEXT GENERATION OF PADDLERS: Encouraging them to chase their dreams relentlessly. I advise young paddlers to have confidence in yourself, be patient with your training, trust the process, push yourself to the limit, and enjoy the journey. I believe that pursuing what brings them happiness each day, will lead a life filled with passion and love for paddling. And if you ever feel like giving up that's when you motivate yourself to push even harder!!

SPONSORS: Ka Lahui Kai

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