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AGE: 18

HOMETOWN:  Kailua-Kona, Hawaiʻi Island

DAY TIME JOB:  None currently, Once I graduate planning on working at Andaz with Kekoa Cramer.

FAVORITE FOOD:  I love a good meatloaf with bacon on it.

DREAM VACATION:  A trip to New Zealand, Tahiti, Gorge to do different downwind runs.


FAVORITE PADDLING RUN:  Maliko run with +25 MPH trade winds and ground swell at Kanaha.


DREAM PADDLING RUN/ADVENTURE: Hawaiʻi Island to Maui would be sick.

FAVORITE THING TO DO ON AN OC-1 (i.e. downwind run, surf, fish, etc.):  I love downwind runs, canoe surfing and I would love to try do some fishing on it.


IF YOUR NOT PADDLING YOUR:  I will be at home with family, Working out at home running or lifting, or I may be at home playing this game called Fortnite.


IF YOU COULD TAKE ANYONE TO DINNER (dead or alive) WHO WOULD IT BE:  I would like to take my family to dinner all of them, But there are couple people Iʻd like to take to a fancy dinner canʻt name names.


MUSIC OR NO MUSIC WHILE PADDLING.  IF MUSIC, WHAT KIND OF MUSIC DO YOU ENJOY ON THE OCEAN:   I usually listen to some trap music on the water, but now I prefer to listen to the ocean


BEST PIECE OF LIFE ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED:  Some of the best advice I have gotten is “If you want something get up and go get it” this is something I lived by this year also “To be the best you got to work hard, to stay there you got to work even harder”.


FAVORITE OC-1 RACE:  I don’t really have a specific hero but I would say it is people who have overcame Adversity and injuries, these people motivate me and show me that anything can happen and you just have to work for it.


IF YOU COULD INSTILL ONE THING IN THE NEXT GENERATION OF PADDLING WHAT WOULD IT BE:  For the next generation, It will take time to be fast to be the best, you must be patient, but always remember to work hard and enjoy what you do. Train hard but also train smart, never give up and keep learning, keep fighting, keep striving, and greatness will come.

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