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The Vega Surfski is Kai Wa'a's first kayak design.  We have had ideas for awhile about designing a Surfski and have enjoyed going through the process of designing, handshaping, and prototyping. 

We are so excited to say the Vega is now available!

The Vega brings together years of boat design experience to hand shape a sleek Surfski that is built lighter and stronger to go fast and in accordance with the ocean. The Vega design features a sharp entry, a precision rocker, and ample volume in the right places to keep you moving from bump to next section with smooth control. 

Refusing to compromise speed for surf maneuverability, the Vega moves through the flat with responsive acceleration and momentum. The Vega is also a very stable elite Surfski compared to other elite Surfskis on the market.


There is a new star to discover, and it’s on the water, the Vega Surfski

by Kai Wa’a, Ozone Built.


CONSTRUCTION - Ozone Built 100% Carbon Fiber Prepreg, single piece construction. Oven cured with 3x atmospheric pressure.


STRENGTH - The center of the Surfski is reinforced with triple carbon for added strength and durability.


WEIGHT - At 20-21lbs the Vega Surfski is light and maneuverable on or off the water. The Vega Pro (our lightweight elite racing model) pushes the envelope at just 17-18 lbs. 

PERFORMANCE - The light and stiff hull providing for a vibrant feel in each stroke and glide. The Vega features a minimalist Adjustable Footbrace Steering system, a Quick Stop spring loaded venturi drain and an Automatic Center Returning Rudder.

Learn more about our intermediate (mid-range) competitive Surfski


WIDTH: 16.81"

(measured at widest point)


VEGA - 20-21lbs

VEGA PRO - 17-18lbs.

Carbon fiber composite raw material back



light and minimal - adjustable footbrace steering system


automatic center return - creating optimal steering performance


100% carbon fiber, one piece pre-preg construction by Outrigger Zone


triple carbon reinforced center section for strength and duability


"The Kai Wa’a Vega Surfski has great utility and is well balanced in all important aspects of Surfski paddling. The technology used for the construction of the Surfski gives a paddler the lightest ski with unbelievable strength and durability.

The Vega, in all surfing conditions, sits perfectly on top of swells allowing for efficient surfing, while also allowing for easy ability to push up and over any bump in front. The boat has great surfing balance, in allowing a paddler the flexibility to maneuver in any direction while also holding its line when needed. The Vega is easy to accelerate in the flat water and holds speed while gearing down into lower intensities.

The paddler sits lower in the Vega which adds stability and additional control for directing the boat with the lower body. The lower sitting position is very comfortable with the foot pedals positioned to still feel like you are sitting above your heels allowing for great leg drive and body position.

The Vega is well rounded for the high performance paddler and the average surfski paddler, looking to move up on the results."

~Pat Dolan, World Champion Paddler

“The performance and quality I’ve been wanting from a ski for a long time.  

A new standard for lightness and strength. Extremely stable for an elite ski that runs bumps as good as any ski has.   

Being that I’m only 165lbs. I have found that the Vega allows me to work it how I choose. I can pull over runs with little effort and surf easily while in resting. These are two very important benefits that I can not get out of heavier skis.  This is only going to improve my downwind surfing. ”


~Mike Owens, Boat Builder and Surfski Paddler 

“My first run in the Vega was nothing short of amazing! I told Jeff that if Kai was here now I'd give  him a huge man hug for creating such a special ski.

The excellent stability was the first surprise (both initial and secondary), and for a boat this narrow I felt really planted and in control. Swell City was so much fun! It does have a low seat height but in a  good position relative to my feet.


I've never been a fan of high sided skis but I'm now a convert as I could easily carve this thing with a flick of my hips and lay it over on its side if desired. This ski is incredibly stiff and light! I've been told that Ozone utilizes an autoclave production process that applies 3 atmospheres of pressure into a one-piece super stiff ski. This translates into a feeling of quick acceleration and of being able to skip over the smaller waves to catch the bigger ones with relatively little effort. The rocker is also optimized for downwind performance and the VEGA drops into waves easily and with minimal effort.


On steeper larger waves the low volume tail allows the bow to lift up and over everything it touches instead of pearling and slowing down the momentum. I believe that Kai Bartlett has been successful at creating a unique and incredible ski.


For me its all about enjoying the downwind ride with fast acceleration, feeling completely as one with the ski, and connecting the bumps with minimal effort. The VEGA definitely checks those boxes!”

~Greg Greene, Vega, Vega Pro and Vega Flex Pro

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