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AGE: 27

HOMETOWN:  Costa Mesa, CA

DAY TIME JOB:  Fiberglass repairs

FAVORITE FOOD:  Ahi poke and rice

DREAM VACATION:  Dream vacation would be trout fishing and motor home camping around the entire USA.


FAVORITE PADDLING RUN:  Favorite run is Kailua to kualoa...with plenty win...preferably a stormy day, and plenty ground swell. 


DREAM PADDLING RUN/ADVENTURE:  Dream run/adventure would be down the coast of Baja Mexico paddling from surf break to surf break and camping along the way, plenty of fishing too.


FAVORITE THING TO DO ON AN OC-1 (i.e. downwind run, surf, fish, etc.):  Favorite thing to do on an OC1 is race, I love racing, then fishing, that's a close 2nd. 


IF YOUR NOT PADDLING YOUR:  If I'm not paddling I'm usually traveling to the next place to go paddle! Or fixing boats and tinkering in the shop


IF YOU COULD TAKE ANYONE TO DINNER (dead or alive) WHO WOULD IT BE:  I think I'd take a few people to dinner, I'd love to take both sets of grandparents to dinner, I never knew either of my grandpa's and would love to hear there stories first hand.


MUSIC OR NO MUSIC WHILE PADDLING.  IF MUSIC, WHAT KIND OF MUSIC DO YOU ENJOY ON THE OCEAN:  In places that it's cold, I like music, otherwise no, because I like to dip my hat in the water to cool off.  Usually a good mix of punk and reggae, some classic zeppelin too and maybe a little Iron Maiden.


BEST PIECE OF LIFE ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED:  Follow your gut instinct when making decisions.. it’s almost always the right choice.


FAVORITE OC-1 RACE:  Favorite OC1 race is Kailua to Kualoa, I love the run and it's just a good time for me, also the Heiva V16 sprint we just did in Tahiti is now one of the most fun races I ever did.


IF YOU COULD INSTILL ONE THING IN THE NEXT GENERATION OF PADDLING WHAT WOULD IT BE:  One piece of advice I would give to the kiddos is to embrace the world of paddling, the outrigger paddling community is one of the most diverse groups of amazing people I've ever had the pleasure to meet, and continue to meet.  Almost everywhere I've ever travelled has been because of the hospitality and generosity of other paddlers.  It is something you can just show up and do once a week if you want, but if you immerse yourself in the society of paddlers the rewards are endless.

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