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AGE: 47

HOMETOWN:  Makawao, HI

DAY TIME JOB:  Professional Adventureprenuer 

FAVORITE FOOD:  Raw fish, Italian, chicken adobo

DREAM VACATION:  In the mountains with snow, friends and family or somewhere on an island with fun waves and good fishing.


FAVORITE PADDLING RUN:  Kailua to Kualoa and Keanae to DT Flemmings Beach


DREAM PADDLING RUN/ADVENTURE: Honolua Bay to Kaena Pt. Lanai. Doing the Island chain here in Hawaii (Big Island to Kauai)  


FAVORITE THING TO DO ON AN OC-1 (i.e. downwind run, surf, fish, etc.): Downwind for sure, but when it is calmer fishing is my number one go-to on the OC-1. Surfing Pier 1 can be a thrill as well but sometimes not too healthy for the canoe.


IF YOU'RE NOT PADDLING YOUR'E: Doing yard work, designing something, enjoying time at home with the family.


IF YOU COULD TAKE ANYONE TO DINNER (dead or alive) WHO WOULD IT BE: My grandfather, because he passed away when I was 2. I don't have any memories of him and would like to spend a moment to sit and talk with him.


MUSIC OR NO MUSIC WHILE PADDLING. IF MUSIC, WHAT KIND OF MUSIC DO YOU ENJOY ON THE OCEAN:  I enjoy music on long runs but it's not a must have. Sometimes it's nice just to hear the wind and ocean. I have everything from rap to Hawaiian to rock n' roll, a mix of modern and old.


BEST PIECE OF LIFE ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED:  It's hard to say because thru my life I've had so many great people trying to guide me in the right direction.  Most cases it was the direction of hard work pays off.  If you want it, work for it and it will come. Be humble (that's hard when you are young, but you get wiser with age).


FAVORITE OC-1 RACE:  Maui's North Shore Challenge, both courses are epic.


IF YOU COULD INSTILL ONE THING IN THE NEXT GENERATION OF PADDLING WHAT WOULD IT BE:  Work hard, don't be lazy. You'll regret lazy later in life. If you become successful, be humble. This will make you a happier person. Water time in the open ocean is key. Don't keep to protected waters, you'll miss 80% of the puzzle if you do.

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