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OC-1 Fishing

OC-1 fishing is nothing new, paddlers have been fishing off their canoes for sometime now and why not. You can get a workout in plus catch some dinner for the Family, it's a win win situation. I see posts from all over the world of people with their catch from Va'a and OC-1, depending on their origin.

For me it all started in Kailua on the island of O'ahu years ago. Andy Penny and I would get out occasionally, when it was flat, and troll inside the reef for Papio (Trevally) with handlines. We would get some action now and then and that excitement would keep bringing us back to get in another session.

I've been living here on Maui since 2004. Once I settled in, I got back into my OC-1 fishing. Fishing here was different for me because in some areas we can be in deeper water a lot sooner which meant bigger fish. The handline had to take a back seat and since then I've always been playing with upgrading equipment. I have also been lucky enough to become friends with some really good fishermen here and they have been a big help in guiding me to better techniques, equipment, and just some great insight.

These days we have a fun crew of guys that try to do our best to get out there together anytime the weather permits its a nice day on the water. Isaac Bancaco, Kekoa Cramer, Dane Dudiot, and myself have been getting some good action lately. It has been a blast fishing with these guys, we have a good system worked out together to remain safe on the water and assist each other when needed. Not too mention some fun times enjoying the fruits of our labor.

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