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Since 2008 or 2009, we’ve shuffled around the idea of designing a Surfski. During that time I was head deep in manufacturing so my time to design was limited. Fast forward to 2017, I stopped manufacturing on Maui and committed to do more with Ozone on our manufacturing and designs. This move has allowed me to put more time into designing. Once we completed our 2-man, Gemini, I wanted to continue on the design track, keeping my mind busy with ideas. With the great success of our Ares, I knew I wanted to look down another avenue and not recreate something already striving. The Surfski was the next move!

I’m glad I’ve had some experience with paddling a Surfski and been able to compare the OC-1 to the Surfski. I feel this gave me ample opportunity to create a good starting point. We hope to have it released coming mid 2018. This Surfski will be the lightest on the market due to the construction provided by Outrigger Zone and sold at very competitive prices. As in our Ares and Gemini, we are designing our Surfski with the world wide market in mind. Stay tuned for more info!

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