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Molokai Relay is the 2nd most prestigious race to the Molokai Solo when it comes to OC-1 racing. Patrick Dolan and myself decided to team up together for old times sake. Pat and I first partnered up back in 2005 when he was a junior in high school.

We won that race, here are some pretty classic throwback photos and a throwback ARTICLE on that relay back in 2005.

We teamed up several more times since then and have won two more relays along the way. With Pat's speed, we felt we had a good opportunity to possibly pull out another victory. Form the start Pat took off and by the first change gave us a 200 yd lead. From there we kept increasing our lead and finished with a 10 minute lead on our next competitors.

Kaiwa'a team riders Bobby Pratt and Will Reichenstein finished 2nd on their Ares and had an incredible race beating out the 3rd place team by over 5 minutes.

Women team riders Amy Woodward and Angie Dolan (wife of Pat Dolan) also competed and finished a solid 2nd place in the women's division as well.

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