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I Gemini...

I spend time with my Wife, Kealani. When the first race of the season came around I figured going with Kealani on the Gemini would be a fun way to get back on the wagon of OC-1 season. This would give me a good opportunity to see where other competitors are plus have a little fun watching the racers hash it out. Well.., to my surprise we finished a lot better than I had expected, in fact we didn't even get a chance to watch the race because we were ahead of all the OC-1's the whole way. I was shocked and very happy to see what we were able to accomplish together. Needless to say, this somewhat put a kink in my plans. We had such a blast racing that first race so we decided to do the next one. This really screwed me up, we did even better by beating all the surfski paddlers here on Maui. Now the surfski guys aren't as fast here on Maui as they are on Oahu, but in flat water they usually beat up on all the OC-1's pretty bad so we were pretty ecstatic about edging them out by a minute in 7 miles. So now I'm really having a blast, I want to do more races with Kealani and keep having some fun, for thats what it's all about anyways.

This past weekend we did two for two. Two races in two days on two islands. We flew to Oahu for the Kanaka Ikaika Kualoa Challenge and then to Kauai for their second race of the season for another fun weekend of racing together. I think we'll be racing together a bit more this season, though I know there will be some OC-1 races I'd really like to participate in. Can't help myself though, racing the Gemini with my wife has been too much fun. It also gives me the chance to do something I can't do at home.., be the Boss :) haha

Special thanks to our Parents, friends, and family for helping us with babysitting our 9 month old son, Kaiākea.

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